What is NPS®?

NPS® (Net Promoter Score) is a measurement method used most of Fortune 500 companies.It is a measurement method that can shed light on the future of your business.

NPS® developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix Systems, and is considered a customer loyalty metric. The system was introduced by Reichheld for the first time in 2003, titled "One Number You Need To Grow" published in the Harvard Business Review.

NPS separates your customers into 3 groups. The first group is promoters. This group is made up of people who recommend you around. The second group is passives, is considered to have no positive or negative effect on you. The third group is detractors, who speaks against you.

All you need is one question

The Net Promoter Score® method allows you to receive feedback from your customers on a single final question and to create your NPS® score. Moreover, within minutes and without any complicated technical details.

You are asking your customers a single key question for NPS® measurement; ¨ How likely would you recommend us? ¨

How is NPS calculated?

You want your customers to give you a score between 0-10. 9,10 giveers are the promoters, 7,8 are the passives, 0-6 giveers are the detractors.

In the calculation, the passives from these three groups are not considered. The other two groups (+) and (-) emerges as are divided by a score between -100 and +100%. This rate represents your NPS® score.

Adding NPS® question

To calculate your company's NPS® score, simply add the NPS® component to your form. NPS® scores are automatically calculated for the forms with NPS® components.