All Feedbacks

You can access it from the All Feedbacks menu under the Responses tab.

You can view all feedbacks from your customers on this page.

The submenu contains options for quick filtering in the date range Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last Week and Last Month.

The data table consists of Date, Form, Business Property, Comment, Sentiment, Happiness (%), Track Field, Classification, Status, Assigned To, Tags, Actions, Channel, Reference columns.

If one of these columns is not visible, click on the Columns button to make it visible.

Click the link on the feedback date to view the feedback details.

All Feedbacks can be listed on the basis of business property and date range.

Click the link on the form name to view the summary report of the form .

Click the icon in the Note column to add a note for the feedback.

To change the status of the feedback, click the icon in the Reviewed column.

You can search with the search box on the top right of the data table.

You can copy to clipboard, copy to excel, create PDF and print by clicking on the icons next to the search box.